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Funding 20•20 Vision

The vision of Cascading has been to fund the 20•20 Vision of local, contextual ministry by launching new church locations, constructing a new building, and reducing our overall debt. Many people in our congregation have made a commitment, or a statement of intent, through a pledge. As we move toward the end of this campaign, please consider giving toward your pledge to fulfill that commitment.

You may also be looking to make a pledge or gift toward Building Faith. It's our newer campaign to raise the additional $1.5 million needed to finish the new Community Life Center without incurring additional debt for the project.

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Cascading FAQs

What happens if I pledge money to Cascading but discover over time that I can't honor my commitment?

Your pledge is an expression of your intention to donate on a one-time or continuing basis until December 2017. If time and circumstances prevent scheduled payments, simply advise the church office of the change to your pledge. Still have questions? Please let us know how we can help!

I've made a Cascading pledge, how can I give toward my commitment?

If you wish to make a monetary donation, you can give via cash, check, or online. Just be sure to specify that it's for Cascading. For non-cash donations, contact Heather Mustonen.

Is there a difference between a pledge and a gift?

Yes. The pledge is what you are committing to give and gifts are amounts given toward your pledge. For accounting purposes we record the income when the commitments are received, not when the actual money comes in. Therefore we track both in the system. Once you've made your pledge you will also need to set up your giving if you wish to do so online.

If I give via check, do I need to write separate checks for my regular tithe and my Cascading gift?

You can write separate checks or you can write one check. Just be sure to write in the memo line how much is for your regular tithe and how much is for Cascading.

How do I give online?

To give online, click here.

Can I give my regular tithe and my Cascading gift though one online donation?

Yes. You do this by designating your online gift in myBethany to both the general fund and Cascading.

Can I utilize my company's matching gifts program?

Many corporations match employee contributions to eligible charities. Amounts and restrictions vary. Please check with your employer for details or contact Bill Brammer.